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Kloee Openshaw wearing her Nvr Strings high cut bikini Kloee Openshaw wearing her cheeky Nvr Strings bikini Kloee Openshaw wearing her Nvr Strings Voile bikiniKloee Openshaw Nvr Strings Kloee Openshaw full body shot in France Kloee Openshaw turnKloee Openshaw Nvr Strings surf team Kloee Openshaw in a Nvr Strings cheeky bikini

"Team rider Kloee Openshaw will be surfing at the WSL Qualifying Series"

AKA: Kloee
Place of Birth: San Clemente, CA
Resides: San Clemente, CA
Sponsors: NVR Strings...Matuse, JLAB AudioThe Lost and Found Collection and GDAY Surfboards
Shaper: G DAY- GDAY Surfboards
Board Dimensions: 5'5", 5'7" & 5'9"
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 114 lbs
Started surfing: When I was 7
Stance: Goofy
Training Grounds: Lowers, T-Street, Oceanside, Salt Creek, and Baja California
Favorite Waves: Lowers, Salt Creek, Los Winds and Zippers
What you didn't know: I love cooking and all animals
Best Results: 2nd place NSSA Scholastic Nationals

2016 Schedule:
WSL Qualifying Series
Volcom Series

Contest Results:

~1st place SC Open 2010
~1st place Ocean Fest classic 2010
~4th place NSSA overall season open girls 2011
~7th place WSA overall season U14 2011
~2nd place SC Open 2011
~3rd place Scholastic Surf Series 2011
~1st place Ocean Fest Classic 2011
~6th place Volcom Series open woman 2011
~3rd place NBVC Point Mugu Surf Contest 2012
~1st place short board, 3rd place longboard SeaFest San Clemente 2012
~3rd place WSA Oceanside North Jetty 2013
~4th place VQS Newport River Jetties 2013
~6th place VQS Pismo Pier 2013
~6th place VQS Seaside Reef 2013
~6th place Womans High Schhol Varsity NSSA National Interscholastic Championships, Dana Point 2013
~1st place overall varsity team NSSA National Interscholastic Championships, San Clemente High School 2013
~1st place SSS State Championships 2015
~2nd place NSSA Scholastic Nationals 2015
~5th place NSSA State Championships 2015

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